Peach season!

Hey there, Peaches.

Farmer Anthony picking tomatoes.

VIDEO: Anthony’s Victory Farm

Tomato Grafting

Grafting Tomatoes for Normal People

Flower Season at the farm

The Power of Flowers

Cape Abilities Farmers

Creating Opportunity Through Farming


Successful Seed Starting Tips

Non GMO project label and USDA Organic Label

GMOs: It’s Getting Crazy Out There

Bill Clinton checking out a new Tower Garden. Photo from

The Farm in a Box

Tobacco Hornworm polishing off some tomato leaves. Photo from the University of Georgia.

Pest Profile: Hornworm

Photo from

Artisan Vegetables to Plant Now

Fried Green Tomato BLT

VIDEO: Fried Green Tomato BLT


VIDEO: Bumble Bee Land

Anthracnose of tomato. Photo from

The Tomato Diseases are Coming!

Photo by Carrie Koscher

The Weed-free, Organic Dinner Garden

Picture by Roger Gandini

Goodbye Farmer John

Photograph: Michael Kooren/Reuters

The Bee Crisis in the Home Garden


Cape Abilities Farm: This is why it’s important.


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